Since 1990, we have led the effort to change the DFW real estate experience. We have been at the forefront of providing a client focused service for investors looking to buy or sell real estate.


The truth is that many real estate agents don’t understand the process of working with investors to help them either buy or sell properties – it’s simply something that they haven’t been trained in and don’t deal with on a daily basis.

At Visions Realty & Investments, Inc. we pride ourselves in working with investors in helping them buy or sell real estate in the DFW area. This means that working with investors is our full time specialty, not an occasional hobby, and we cover it all.

Our vision is to create a relationship based on open communication and understanding. What we have found is that each client has individual needs, and it is in our best interest to listen and discover what it is that our clients desire and then place them in investments that meet their long term financial plans.

Our mission is to maximize our clients’ long term income potential on the pathway of wealth accumulation, by placing them in investments that we, ourselves, would purchase. We see it as much more than selling a product. It’s about providing education and a service that goes beyond the norm.

Now operating as Visions Realty and Investments, Inc, the brokerage company “gave birth” to the very important sister company, Frontline Property Management, Inc. Together, these companies work in conjunction with one another to offer unique “turn-key” service to any level of investor across many different product lines.