From packing up in your old home, to renting a moving truck, to unpacking in your new home; facilitating your transition to your dream home is our priority. Having extensive experience with investors who are purchasing real property remotely has only primed our ability to facilitate your big move. After completing your move, your name will join our list of highly satisfied clients!

What we can do for you:

We specialize in transactions in the Fort Worth area, but we are also able to locate your dream home anywhere throughout the DFW Metroplex (for more information on areas we cover, please click HERE). Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, move, or connect to your community - our team has the experience and connections to help you on your journey. Should you need to find real estate outside of North Texas, we would be happy to refer you to a highly qualified and experienced team in that area. 

Your Move:

While moving can be a stressful experience, here at Visions, we believe that the right connections can turn that daunting journey into a hassle-free and rewarding experience. With one of our qualified agents on the job, we will carefully guide you through each step in this transition. 

Being “in the know” is critical when you are moving into a new community. That is why we actively seek to provide the most up-to-date knowledge to all of our clients. As agents in a competitive market, we make it our goal to have on hand the resources and information that you need to make the best move. 

Your Business Relocation:

As DFW continues to draw corporate headquarters from across the nation we want to be available to help you with your business move. We are also available to work alongside your relocation personnel. 

No matter the context, our first move is to analyze your needs and develop the most effective strategy to meet those needs. That is why before we begin to make suggestions, we ask questions. We pledge to honor the needs of the individual as well as the company. Once we have a more wholistic understanding of your company’s needs then we will get to work on providing the desired results. Which will be delivered in the most streamlined, inexpensive, and value loaded manner possible. 

DFW is our home, which means we have the tools to make the perfect fit for you and your company here. We can’t wait to get you here!

Our experience in the area and our determination to arrive at customer satisfaction will land you here with the best product for the best price. We will guide employees in making the most informed decision for their new homes.

Getting you on your way:

If your company is departing on your journey here we would be happy to refer you to a highly qualified and experienced team in that area. We know that moving can be tedious, but having the right people on the job eliminates much of that tension!

If you are departing from DFW, then we will take every possible step to make your departure smooth, streamlined, and successful. 

We will professionally market each employee’s home to achieve the best price in the shortest timeframe. It is our job to set your company up for success at your destination, so we fully intend to present each employee with the best possible value for their home. 

Prior to your departure, we will provide you with comprehensive information about your destination area so that your not flying blind. We will also connect you with a Broker in that area whom we would personally trust with our business. 

Our commitment to service:

No matter whether your relocation needs are business related or personal, we offer the same quality of service. Which will include:

- Home valuations (in comparison to recent sales of nearby similar properties)
- Marketing strategies (professional photos, MLS listing, listing across 100+ websites, marketing to our personal network)
- Property inspection & repairs assistance (we will gladly refer you to our network of trusted professional inspectors, plumbers, roofers, painters, and HVAC technicians)
- Sales and contract negotiation (we are determined to arrive at the contract which best fits you needs)
- Marketing updates (we commit to keeping you in the loop throughout the process leading to closing)

With our network, experience, team capacity, and knowledge of the market we are confident that we will be able to meet or exceed all you real estate needs.